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As a result of the rapid growth of the company’s business, the company’s past practices may no longer serve the company’s interest or they may even pose unnecessary risks. Therefore, mapping business risks from time to time is recommended. A particularly recommended time for risk mapping is before the planned acquisition, when you can still correct practices to increase the value of your company. Unfortunately, the consideration of business risks often begins only in a situation where the damage has already occurred. Risks often also involve reputational damage in addition to financial damage, which has a more significant effect on the company's value in the long run. Unfortunately, repairing reputational damage often proves costly.

The service includes:

  • Mapping of legal risks related to business, including e.g. review of key documentation.

  • Recommendations for action based on the findings of the mapping.


Through the service you get:

  • Predictability of costs: we can usually provide a fixed fee for the service so that the costs are known before the purchase decision.

  • Time: by outsourcing the preparation of documents to us, you avoid one tedious and mandatory administrative task and get to focus on other business-related issues.

  • Increase in value: properly prepared legal documentation for a financial round or in preparation for a business combination can turn out to be literally worth the money.


Are you interested?


Contact or Antti ( or +358 40 354 2439) directly.

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