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Every operating company processes personal data. If personal data is crucial to a company's business, it is vital to ensure that data protection is properly taken into account from the company's first steps. Even if  you only process basic personal data and and personal data does not constitute a key asset of your business, the documentation required by the data protection legislation must be in place. The Privacy Starter Kit is the solution to this.

The Privacy Starter Kit service includes:

  • According to the customer's choice, either a workshop, in which e.g. the company's data flows, data uses, systems, partners and contracts are examined, or a broader analysis of the current state which, in addition to mapping, assesses risks and draws up a detailed action plan.

  • Drafting of basic data protection documentation.

  • General guidelines for the development of data protection work.

Through the service you get:

  • Predictability of costs: we can usually provide a fixed fee for the service, so that the costs are known before the purchase decision.

  • Peace of mind: you are in experienced hands and can focus on the success of your business.

  • Increase in value: In financial rounds or in business transactions properly prepared legal documentation can turn out to be worth the money. literally. Customers' confidence in your company will also be strengthened.



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