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In accordance with the law, an employer must take care of the preparation of various mandatory plans and programs. The obligation to draft certain programs and plans depends on the size of the employer, i.e. whether the employer regularly employs at least 20 or 30 employees.


Many employers are uncorned about the preparation and updating of mandatory and recommended HR documentation, and the risks associated with the absence of such documentation or the inadequacy of its content are not identified in advance.

The absence of written and clear HR documentation or the inadequacy of its content may lead to disagreements and disputes, as well as cause extensive financial damage. Warnings, employment agreements, guidelines, regulations, programs, and plans that have been drafted carefully may help you to avoid many disputes.

Our service relating to HR documentation includes:


  • An analysis on the current state of your HR documentation, identifying the deficiencies in such documentation;

  • Drafting plans and programs in co-operation with your company, such as work community's development plan, non-discrimination and equality plan and program on drug and alcohol use;

  • Drafting of recommended guidelines, such as e-mail policy, teleworking guidelines, and guidelines for tackling harassment and inappropriate behavior;

  • Development of functional work schedules and working hours registers; and / or

  • Drafting employment and termination agreement and warning as well as discussion memorandum templates.


Through the service:


  • You get predictability in costs: we can usually provide a fixed fee for the service so that the costs are known before the purchase decision.

  • Peace of mind: you are in experienced hands and you can focus better on planning and managing the company's practical affairs.

  • Increase in value: properly prepared HR documentation can turn out to be literally worth the money when preparing for a financial round or a business acquisition.

  • You will learn to prepare adequate documentation of the held discussions.

  • You ensure that the HR documentation takes into account the interests and rights of your company.

  • You ensure the HR documentation is in order, for example, for future occupational health and safety inspections.




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