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The preparation of statutory corporate governance documentation is one of the basics of the day-to-day administration of a limited liability company. The annual administrative responsibilities of limited liability companies include the preparation of corporate governance documentation, such as the minutes of the Annual Board meeting and the minutes of the Annual General Meeting. The preparation of annual documentation require that decisions concerning them have been made in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act. In the midst of a hurry, there is rarely extra time to prepare the documentation, let alone consider their content. We at Iconics want to provide a solution for you.

The service includes:


  • Drafting of the statutory corporate governance documentation

  • Making the necessary registrations in the trade register

  • Two-hour consultation on topical issues.


Through the service you get:

  • Predictability of costs: we can usually provide a fixed fee so that the costs are known before the purchase decision.

  • Time: by outsourcing the preparation of statutory corporate gocernance documentation to us, you avoid one boring and mandatory administrative task and have more time to focus on other business-related issues.

  • Increase in value: during a financial round or in preparation for a business transaction a properly prepared corporate governance documentation can turn out to be literally worth the money.


Are you interested?


Contact or Antti ( or +358 40 354 2439) or Jediitta ( or +358 44 235 2115) directly.

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