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At some phase your business may have to be reorganized to reflect the changed operating environment. If the company then regularly employs at least 20 employees, the planned changes, their grounds, effects and options must be negotiated before their implementation in accordance with the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings, in a spirit of co-operation in order to reach a consensus .


The main purpose of the aforesaid Act is to improve the operations and operating environment of companies as well as productivity and to increase open communication. It should be noted that the Act includes also other obligations than to negotiate before implementing any decisions on terminations, layoffs, part-time work or amending substantial terms and conditions of the employee's employment agreement unilaterally. In compliance with the  Act, the employer must, inter alia, consult with its personnel when planning work arrangements that do not lead to redundancies, but may result in substantial and permanent amendments in employees' job descriptions.

Our service on co-operation negotiations includes:


  • Training on the obligations under the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings, prepared in accordance with the customer's needs and wishes;

  • Written recommendations for action for the upcoming process;

  • Preparation of negotiation proposal, minutes and operating priciples / action plan;

  • Day-to-day support during the negotiations, including reviewing drafted documents and answering  the questions asked; and / or
  • Assisting in the implementation of decisions, including the preparation of a general account, necessary notices of termination and layoffs, and potential agreements.


Through the service:


  • You get predictability of costs: we can usually provide a fixed fee for the service so that the costs are known before your purchase decision.

  • Peace of mind: you are in experienced hands and you can focus on planning and implementing in practice the actual amendments.

  • Increase in value: in financial rounds or business acquisitions, properly drafted legal documentation can turn out to be very valuable. Customers' confidence in your company will also be strengthened.

  • You will ensure that the negotiations are conducted in each situation as required by law, in order to avoid breachinh the provisions of the  Act and thus paying an indemnification or a fine.




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