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The controller or processor of personal data must appoint a data protection officer (DPO), e.g. where their core tasks consist of processing operations which, by their nature, extent and / or purposes, require extensive regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects. Although the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not explicitly require the appointment of a data protection officer, it may be useful for organizations to appoint a data protection officer on a voluntary basis. The appointed expert can be used to ensure that someone has an overall picture of the current state of data protection in the organization - what has been done, what risks have been identified and what measures and in what order are being taken to manage the risks and enforce the registered rights. This expert is also a key link between business representatives who use personal data and the company's management. Only by knowing the status of data protection work through regular reporting can management direct sufficient resources to the operations.


The service includes:


  • Acting as the organization’s designated and responsible data protection officer.

  • Measures related to the implementation of the service, such as the implementation of the current status analysis and development plan, the creation of a management and reporting model.

  • Tasks under the GDPR, such as providing information and advice to employees processing personal data, monitoring compliance with the Regulation, advising on and monitoring data protection impact assessments, and cooperating with supervisory authorities.

  • Implementation of measures included in action or development plans or risk assessments, such as staff training, impact assessments, creation of data protection documentation.

  • Monthly summary of data protection legislation or relevant case law.

  • Preparation of the annual report.


Through the service you get:


  • Predictability of costs: we can usually provide a fixed fee for the service, so that the costs are known before the purchase decision.

  • Peace of mind: you are in experienced hands and can focus on the success of your business.

  • Increase in value: in financial rounds and business transactions properly prepared legal documentation can turn out to be extremely valuable. Customers' confidence in your company will also be strengthened.


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